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August 17, 2020
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How To Get Your Indie Band Out There-From CD Duplication To Free Gigs

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Getting your band noticed today can be very tricky, as there is so much competition out there and it can be difficult to be earning and performing at the same time. There are ways that you can get your band noticed however and here in this article we look at some of the best options you have to get your music heard, from CD duplication through to creating your own website.

So if your band has never played before then a great option is to go to an open mic night. It's an opportunity for you to perform in front of an audience for free. After your performance you will be able to receive genuine feedback and create your very own fan base. Bands that play their own shows and have never played before may find themselves with an empty venue, so an open mic night is a good way to bridge that gap.

Next, a great idea is to get in touch with other local bands that are established in your area. You can ask them if you can play at their gigs to open for them. This will provide you with another audience to perform in front and will get you networking with the other bands. Just make sure that when choosing a band you select one that plays the same genre of music to you, or your music may end up playing on deaf ears.

Recording a CD is a good way of getting your music out there, there are many online companies that offer reasonable CD duplication services and can help you with even small quantities of CDs. The CD duplication service is best done by a professional and the copies that you make should be sent to local radio stations, record labels and to fans at gigs. A professional job is recommended as the overall look of the CD and case is the first thing that all of these important people will see before choosing to listen.

Any merchandise or CD's that you create should all contain links to your band's website. Your band should put music up on social media websites as this is how people can hear your music for free. Some artists such as Lily Allen, Kate Nash and The Artic Monkeys found that a lot of their fan base came about this way.

Lastly, one great way of getting your music out there and for good promotion is to literally play as many gigs as you can for free. Nothing beats hard work and dedication to your band, the more you play the better live show you will be able to perform. If you play really well, and with the help from promotional tools, CD duplication services, merchandise and with your website you can guarantee that your band will remembered the next day.


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