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March 20, 2020
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Adele Tickets - A Soulful Surprise

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English pop balladeer Adele has been surprising herself just as much as she has been surprising audiences this year, earning Grammy nominations galore and a 2008 Most Played VH1 Music Video for her hit single "Chasing Pavements." The singer and songwriter's fame hasn't yet hit the 20 year old, who took her sweet time releasing radio singles in the US. Throughout her promotion of 19, the singer cancelled important shows dates due to family problems, didn't alert the press when they believed she was Amy Winehouse (their singing styles are similar) and somehow missed the wave of other British pop acts like Duffy and Leona Lewis who emerged around the same time. But it was only a matter of time before Adele's unique talents would make waves in the US, and now supporting her album in every proper sense, the London bred artist is turning heads online as her tickets sell quickly.

The barely legal star is finally seeing the acclaim, both critical and commercial, she deserves this year with Grammy nominations for Best New Artist, Record of the Year, Song of the Year (for "Chasing Pavements") and Female Pop Vocal Performance. "I think I've been lucky enough to have a lot more success than a lot of other [British artists]," Adele says to LiveDaily. "Even to be able to release my first record in America is a big thing for me because a lot of people don't from here [England]. I don't think it's been a hit. It's a very English song and 'pavement' is a British word. The string arrangements are starting to creep up in America now whenever I listen to the radio." Still hesitant about her fame, no one in the States seem to have noticed the English vocabulary but rather the sultry voice and exquisite lyrics that make up all of Adele's singles.

Still unsure of her success, the musician, who performed on Saturday Night Live's highest rated episode of the year (she was the musical guest star when Sarah Palin co-hosted), Adele doesn't understand such acclaim. "It's like the world I never thought I'd be included in," she continued with LiveDaily site. "So I'm just like over the moon. I'm blown away. I hope in three album's time they still wanna nominate me for a Grammy. I hope this is not it. I can't believe it. I wasn't even expecting one. I was told we had a shot but it was a very long shot. So I didn't really get my hopes up. I'm really, really baffled. I had to lock myself in the toilet for an hour to come to terms with it." Let's hope that she doesn't get stage fright as she starts to perform to larger audiences in the future, as Adele tickets become even more popular as she heads out on her latest tour.

Though just a year older, Adele already seems matured and ready to set her sights on a proper follow up, revealing to LiveDaily that she plans on heading to a Malibu studio to record her sophomore set this fall. Inspired by the T-Bone Burnett produced Raising Sand album, the record "is about a relationship that I didn't really want to be in, particularly, anyway. It's a much stronger record in terms of the sound of it and in terms of subject. I progressed a lot on guitar and bass, so the arrangements are getting better." As she continues to improve on her sound and style, it should make no difference whether this young adult makes of her recent nominations, as she continues to improve and create innovative material.


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