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November 3, 2020
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Music Can Be a Hobby and Interest that You Can Use In Your Future

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Many of us think of our futures as going to college and getting a bachelor's degree or even a master's degree in business, nursing, education, law and many other degrees. Most of us have hobbies and other interests, but they might not fit in with something that fits into our future that can provide an income for our family.

The exciting part is that there are certain hobbies that we have in our lives that can become our future and that there are specialized programs that can take us places with our hobbies.

Let's take a look at music. This is a pretty general category, but all of us have some kind of interest in music. Most of us listen to music, such as rock and roll, rap, oldies, smooth jazz, country, classical and the list goes on. There might not be programs for those of us that love to listen to music on the radio, but there are amazing programs for those that play instruments or have specific interest in music.

All of us can appreciate the talent of playing musical instruments. Most of us can't and recognize that it takes a special talent to further your musical talents. For those that have a special love of music and the talent to share their talent can choose to further their education in music programs. Not only are there beginning programs, but graduate music programs available for those that want to take their future far in music.

You might be thinking that it is only those that play musical instruments that have a future in getting a degree in music. If you are have a love for music there are many different programs in the music industry to go into in furthering your education. There are areas and courses that are offered in the music field that will allow you to get your Bachelor of Music degree and can also be furthered in Graduate music programs.

Here is a list of some of the music programs that begin with a Bachelors degree and many of them can progress into Graduate music programs.

1. Music Performance
2. Composition
3. Recording Technology
4. Jazz Studies
5. Music History
6. Music Theory

Isn't it exciting to think that you can further your education and continue with the hobbies and interests you have in music? Whether it is performing, teaching in junior high or high school or in college, sharing the talents you have in music with children and the list goes on. Take a look and see what your future can hold.


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